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Pumper Yourself at Hime nail

About us

Hime Nail is a nail salon located in Tustin, California and owned by a professional nail artist trained in a Japan, where nail art originated.
Hime nail's professional staff strives to keep a warm atmosphere while providing you with the best service you can find.
We offer a very varied selection of nail styles to choose from and we will be delighted to help you select the nail style that suits you best.
Besides Nail Art, we also offer a wide variety of services such as manicure, pedicure, extension Acrylics, gel nail, etc.

please feel free to ask us.
We regularly update our techniques by keeping up to date with the newest releases from Japan.
We also import many products from Japan that are usually not available in the US.
At Hime Nail, your health is our priority. This is why we carry the best quality of FDA-approved products, conscientiously sanitize our equipment after every single guest, and provide a very clean environment. We use an air purifier to virtually eliminate chemical odor and make your experience as pleasant as possible.
Hime Nail is dedicated to your satisfaction as well as your well being.
If you are not fully satisfied about your nails, feel free to come see us. We will give you a professional advice tailored to each guest's needs.
At Hime Nail, we wish to make you more beautiful and self-confident in a friendly and health-focused environment.


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